Data Security, Backup & Recovery

When did your company’s IT department last test its backups… or sit down and work out how long it would take you to get back up and running if your premises was the target of burglars or destroyed by fire?

At Help-IT, we know how essential it is to be prepared. We have see first hand the devastating impact on client s who did not choose to protect their business, losing data from accidental or malicious deletion, hardware failure, burglary, floods and fire. Indeed, our own premises burnt down in 1994 and, because our backups were in order, we were up and running as soon as we had replaced the hardware.

For some of our clients, securing data is a legal requirement, ensuring valuable contacts, legal agreements and the daily workflow remains relatively unaffected.

The first step in data security is to undertake a full risk analysis and be realistic in what the implications of total data loss would mean. We will then work with you to create an action plan – with contingency in place should the worst happen.

Want to find out how Help-IT can assist you? Simply contact us today – our friendly team is standing by with the perfect solutions for your business.

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