Business IT Support Costs

Every one of our clients is different – and they all have different IT requirements too. That’s why our contracts are tailored to match your specifications.

However, for individual projects, our costs are calculated using our typical fixed hourly rate. For ongoing and large-scale work, we would offer a contract price, agreed in advance before the project commences.

IT support doesn't have to be an expensive business. Our entry level services can prove highly affordable, in some cases costing no more than your morning coffee.

Due to the fact that most our clients have different requirements and subscribe to different services it is difficult to indicate typical costs. However, a company with one server, 10 users and offsite solutions for covering data backup and email could pay as little as £3,000 per year.

A more complete solution for a 25 user company could be closer to £20,000 for a fully serviced solution, which could also avoid the need for your own IT department. New hardware and software is not included in any of the above cost indications.

In addition, the following rates and charges apply:
Per hour billing starts at £60 per hour, but callout or minimum fees and travel – as well as weekend/evening/holiday rates may also be chargeable.
We offer fixed costs to complete a task or fix a specific issue. We often use this for hardware repairs and renewals.
Per day or week rates, ideal if you need our services for a longer period.
Monthly retainers available, with proactive monitoring and remote support via phone or online.
Quarterly fee for services as a full, off-site IT department, with individual services priced individually as required.
Yearly – or even three yearly – rolling contracts for services.