Service Level Commitments

Service Level Commitments

We recognise that customers have varying expectations of response times and time to complete tasks and sometimes those expectations are different to what we can deliver. For the avoidance of doubt here are our commitments to delivering our services to our customers.

Service Levels for .UK Domain Names

We will acknowledge receipt of all customer communications, requests or complaints within two working days and will complete requests within three working days of the initial contact.

Service Levels and Policy for .UK Domain Name Renewals and Expiry

We will issue an expiry notice to you, by email, no more than 30 days prior and no less than 7 days prior to the expiry date of the domain. We will allow you to renew a domain name and maintain the registration in your own name if you request the renewal at any point up to three days before the point at which Nominet would cancel and delete the domain name, provided that such renewal does not breach any of the Nominet Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration. You will be required to agree to our current terms and conditions at the time you request your renewal.