UK Domain Name Registrations and Renewals

Domain Name Registration: As a domain name registrar, the company is, upon accepting your application to register or renew a domain name, your sponsor for that application. No domain name registrations shall be deemed effective unless and until we deliver the domain name registration or renewal application you provide us to the appropriate registry administrator, as applicable, and that registry administrator accepts your application and activates your domain name registration or renewal. You will be entitled to a refund only if your registration or renewal is unsuccessful.

Domain Name Renewals: You will ensure that you provide accurate contact details for your domain name registration, and that you keep these up to date. Your email address is particularly important as this is where we will send domain renewal information. If you fail to keep your contact details up to date, you may not receive domain name renewal notices and your domain name may not be renewed. Help-IT Consultancy Ltd will accept no responsibility for your failure to provide and maintain accurate and up to date contact details, or for any losses incurred as a result of the release or non-renewal of any domain names.
Help-IT Consultancy Ltd will send domain renewal notices by email to the email address given as the domain owner / registrant with full instructions for payment of renewal fees. You are advised to renew your domain names as early as possible. Failure to renew your domain name in sufficient time will result in the release of your domain name. Help-IT Consultancy Ltd can accept no responsibility for the non-receipt of renewal notices nor for any losses incurred as a result of the release or non-renewal of your domain names.
You acknowledge and agree that the company does not guarantee that you will be able to register or renew a desired domain name, even if our systems indicate that domain name is available or you are able to complete an order with respect to such name. You also understand that the company cannot know with certainty whether or not the domain name which you are seeking to register is simultaneously being sought by a third party, or whether there are any inaccuracies or errors in the domain name registration or renewal process or related databases, including the various WHOIS or other registry databases.
You also acknowledge and agree that the company is not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors in the domain name registration or renewal process. You are solely responsible for making sure that your registration or renewal has been properly processed. You further acknowledge and agree that the company may elect to accept or reject your application for registration or renewal for any reason at its sole discretion, such rejection including, but not limited to, rejection due to a request for registration or renewal of a prohibited domain name.
You also acknowledge and agree that the company is not liable or responsible in any way for any errors, omissions or any other actions by any third party including any registry administrator arising out of or related to your application for and registration of, renewal of, or failure to register or renew a particular domain name.

Domain Renewal Notifications: Once your domain name has been successfully registered, it will need to be renewed periodically to ensure you retain your registration of it. We will send you renewal notices thirty 30 days and seven 7 days before the renewal date of your registered domain name. These notices will be sent to the email address then registered against your account. We do not automatically renew your domain names, you are required to act on the renewal notices that we send to you. It is your responsibility to ensure your contact details held with us are valid.